Sunday, October 31, 2010


Brad and I took the first step in deciding on nursery decor today.  Besides picking out a name for our baby, I guess you could say we made our first decision.  If you know Brad and I, you know how indecisive we both are, so this was a major step for us.  HAHA!  We spent the afternoon at USA Baby in Franklin today, and we bought a crib and a dresser.  We were kind of disappointed when they told us they'd have to order it and it could be 8 weeks or so before it came in.  I was hoping it would be in stock and we could get started on the room in the next couple of weeks, but it looks like 8 weeks will give us more time to do other little projects around the house. 

I copied this picture from the website, but this is the crib we got (same color and everything), and the dresser we got is like the one shown in the picture too except it only has 3 drawers and it's the height of a normal dresser (not tall like the chest that's shown here).

The next decision we make will have to be bedding so we can also pick out the paint color for the room too.  I've searched and searched and searched for the PERFECT non-themed bedding, but it seems like everything is either animals, sports, or just plain blue. I want something with more colors in it, and I think I've narrowed it down to 2 sets. 

Ashley found this one at Babys R Us, and it looks really cute. I wish I could see it in person, but the Babys R Us in Evansville didn't have it when my mom and I went shopping last weekend. It does have a "safari" theme, but the animals are only on the quilt, which I don't think anyone really uses anyway....do you? The quilt actually turns into a little play-gym thing which I think is cute too!  This bedding is full of different colors, which will make it easier to add other decorations to the room.

My second choice for bedding actually just got added to my list today while we were looking at furniture.  I've seen this one before, but I've never looked twice at it because the giraffes always threw me off.  Remember...I'm looking for something that doesn't have a theme.  Look past the room decorations in this picture.  I would  leave out the wall art, clothes hamper, rug, and curtains...that might be a few too many giraffes!  :)  The model in the store had the bumper pad facing the other way.  The other side has colorful stripes to match the crib skirt.  I love the colors in this...blue, red, orange, yellow, green, brown...pretty much every color.  I think I could look past the one set of giraffes on the bumper pad and, and I think the small set of giraffes on the crib skirt will be covered by the wood on the crib (that's how it was in the store anyway). The quilt is also reversible with the colorful stripes on the other side.

Bubbles, Butterflies, BABY!!!!

Right before we found out Baby Waltrip was a boy (Week 15), I had a very strange feeling in my stomach.  I just felt it once, and it was like a big bubble that went from the far left side of my stomach all the way across to the right side.  I hadn't felt that before so I knew it had to be our baby.  The doctor and the ladies at the 3D/4D ultrasound place said that it was definitely the baby that I was feeling.  I waited a couple of more weeks, and didn't feel anything else until Week 18.  Now, it seems like just about every day (after I eat and sit down) Baby Waltrip...which we now know is Cooper...is doing a lot of moving around.  Before school the other day I drank a big glass of orange juice, and during the whole 20 minute drive to school, Cooper was constantly moving.  It felt like little butterflies dancing around in my whole stomach.  I must say, this is such an AMAZING feeling!  :)  I can't wait for the next several weeks when I can feel these movements more often.  Brad has been trying to feel them too, but he still hasn't been able to.  I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks that he'll get to experience this too.  I'm at the half-way point of my pregnancy (20 weeks), and we are getting so excited to start working on Cooper's room.  We have our 20-week doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, and we can't wait to see our little guy again!  I'll be sure to make another post tomorrow night with an update on Cooper and hopefully a few more pictures!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Belly Pictures

13 weeks

14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks 3 days

17 weeks (wearing my first maternity shirt)

17 weeks 3 days

Toes in the sand...

The past 2 weeks I've been on Fall Break, which has been a much needed break from work.  Last week Brad and I (along with Bailey) took our last trip to Destin without a baby.  We spent most of our time on the beach, relaxing, shopping, and eating.  We had such a great week, and I can't wait to go back with our baby boy!  :)  Brad and I also celebrated our third anniversary on this trip.  Where has the time gone??  It seems like yesterday we were taking these pictures...

Three years later, here are several pictures from our vacation...

I wish I had this view every evening!

Brad and I

Bailey LOVES vacation!

Our nightly walk

Brad and Bailey

My favorite place!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!!

We had our appointment at Precious View on Tuesday, September 28th to find out the sex of Baby Waltrip.  Well...Baby Waltrip is a BOY!!!!!!!  If you had talked to me since we found out we were pregnant, I was 99% sure it was going to be a girl.  I even caught myself looking at girl things online and in stores because I was just so sure it would be a girl.  The majority of my family is girls and Brad's family is all boys, and everyone I know has either recently had a boy or is expecting a boy, and I just knew we'd have a girl.  I must say, when I saw those boy parts on the screen (before the ultrasound lady actually said boy) I was MORE than excited!  And yes, Baby BOY Waltrip already has a name---COOPER EVANS WALTRIP!  We can't wait to meet our little man is March.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy....

Cooper at 15 weeks 5 days


I think he got a little tired of being poked around so he huddled up and covered his ears!

We got to go back to Precious View on Thursday, September 30th because they didn't get all of the pictures they wanted, and he wouldn't cooperate has much as they hoped.  The more pictures the better! 

 Still a boy!

 I love that profile!

Sucking his thumb