Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Life...an update

Well, as some of you know and some of you may not know, Brad and I have been visiting a fertility clinic in Nashville for the past several months. When we decided about 15 months ago to start trying to have a baby we thought it was going to come so easy. Little did we know that we would run into so many obstacles. After MANY tests, procedures, and visits to the doctor, I think we've finally realized that it is a genetic problem that seems to affect Brad. There is some chance that we'd be able to get pregnant on our own, but the chance is pretty small. Because of that and the fact that we've tried a couple of months of IUI's (artificial insemenation), we've decided that we're going to move on to in vitro. We know this is a HUGE step, but we both believe that this is going to be the "thing" that will work. (Let's just hope that it works the first time!) We called Nashville Fertility Clinic last week to set everything up, and we received all of our paperwork in the mail yesterday. I knew it was going to be a long process, but the papers just proved that it was even more than we expected. We are EXTREMELY excited about it, and we're ready to get it started. Right now, we're looking at starting everything at the end of October, and the actual procedure will be sometime toward the end of November. Our doctor has assured us that he will "try to keep us off of late night television" and not have a million babies, and he doesn't want us to turn into Jon and Kate plus 8! :) We will keep you updated throughout the whole process. I'm sure the next couple of months will be crazy! We leave for Florida in 3 weeks, and we're so excited to have a nice, relaxing week before all of this starts.