Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delayed Post

I just realized today that I never posted anything about our doctor's appointment that we had on April 1st. Well, there's not a whole lot to say since the appointment lasted maybe 5 minutes. We met with our doctor who was extremely disappointed with the outcome of our IVF cycle. He even said that everything was "perfect", and there's obviously no way to tell what went wrong after the embryo transfer. We did talk about next steps, and we've decided that starting with my May cycle, we will begin the daily Lupron injections, and then starting in June, I will begin the progestrone injections to thicken the lining of my uterus, and as of now, we are looking at having the frozen embryo transfer at the very end of June or very beginning of July. One thing that he did tell us that made us a bit concerned was that frozen embryos only have a 60%-70% chance of survival. We do have two frozen embryos that are at a Grade B, sooo...he put it like this, on a great day, both embryos will survive the thaw, on an average day, only one will survive, and on a bad day, neither one of them will survive. They don't thaw the embryos until right before they do the transfer, so he did make us aware that we could do everything perfectly leading up to that day, and we could get there and get prepped for the transfer, and it is possible for neither embryo to survive. We don't think that's going to happen, and he doesn't either, but he just wanted us to be aware that it's always a possibility. If both embryos do survive, we are going to transfer both of them. At this point, twins sound GREAT...if we can only be that lucky! :)