Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out of hiding....

No, I haven't been hiding out, I just thought I would take a break from the blogging for a little while. I haven't had much to blog about for the past couple of weeks, so I've been slacking on updating my blog as well as keeping up with everyone else's blogs. Today is the first day of my Spring Break...YAY...so I've spent the past hour going through all of the blogs I've missed over the past 2 weeks.
As for Brad and I, we're still bummed about this negative IVF cycle, but we're both very anxious to get the next cycle underway. I'm thankful that after receiving the bad news of the failed IVF cycle, I was very busy with work stuff...including the dreaded yearbook and getting caught up on grading papers and working on homework for my Master's class. We go back down to Nashville to meet with our doctor tomorrow morning so we can discuss where we go from here. It's looking like we'll start the frozen embryo transfer cycle in May and the actual transfer will be in June. That's OUR plan, but I guess we'll find out more tomorrow on what our doctor thinks. We're very hopefully about the next few months, and we're so thankful that we have 2 little embryos "in the freezer" (as Brad likes to say). I'll be sure to post more tomorrow about our doctor's visit. Oh, and we leave for Florida on Sat. morning with my parents for a much needed week of relaxation in the sun! I can't wait to be on the beach! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


For those of you who haven't heard, we went back down to Nashville yesterday morning for our first pregnany blood test. They told us we wouldn't hear anything until 2 or 3, so Brad and I had plans of going to the mall and then watching the UK game at Dave and Busters. Well, those plans were cut short when we received "the call" around 11. I didn't hear my phone ring, but I did notice I had a voicemail from our IVF nurse. Of course we had to put it on speakerphone in the middle of Old Navy so that we could both hear the news. The only words I heard her say was "I'm sooo sorry" and "the test came back negative". Everything else was a complete blur. This was something that we knew could happen going into it, but we were both so confident since everything else had gone so smoothly for us. I don't know what went wrong, and I don't think we'll ever know. All I do know is that we still have 2 frozen embryos. That is the only positive thing about all of this so far. I know there's still a good chance, and we will definitely be telling them to transfer both of them the second time around. I don't know when the second time will be...we've talked about waiting until May and June (it's going to be another 2-month long process even though I don't have to do a lot of the meds I did before). I think we both need a break, and a couple of months will be just what we need before going through this emotional rollercoaster again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

I'm really not trying to wish my life away, but is Friday ever going to get here? I knew these 10 days would be the longest of my life, but it seriously already feels like we've been waiting a month. On a good note, I actually get to go to work for 4 straight days this week. I think this is the first time this has happened since before Christmas break. After what seemed like a million snow days, my Nashville visits really picked up. In the past two weeks, I've been to school a total of two and a half days. Thank goodness I work at such a great school, have great team teachers, and great students because they have really kept me from losing my mind and getting completely stressed out through all of this. I just wanted to thank everyone again for all of your love and support throughout the past couple of months! We're really praying that we get the good news we want on Friday. It's crazy to think that the past 2 months have led up to this one day, but everything we have done has been completely worth it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still here...still waiting...

We found out today that we had 2 other embryos that were good enough to freeze for future use. YES!!!! Is it March 12th yet? Next Friday can't get here soon enough!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 days from now...

Today was the big embryo transfer day!! Everything went perfectly...I couldn't ask for anything better. We arrived at the clinic at 9:30, got checked in, I took my Valium, and then the embryologist came in and showed us the first first picture of our little embryo. She said it was perfect and a very "pretty" embryo. Does this mean it's a girl? haha Because my body has responded so well to everything so far and because the quality of the embryo was so good, they only transferred one. They try to eliminate multiples as much as possible because of all of the complications that could occur, and we completely trusted their opinion on this matter. They also informed us that we would definitely have 2 great quality embryos to freeze and maybe more by tomorrow. That was GREAT news too! We'll actually find out tomorrow exactly how many they are going to freeze.

Our embryo's first picture and report card....if you can't see it, it got an A! :)

Brad got dressed in his full scrubs, and they wheeled me into the OR. The lights were off and they had soft music playing in the background. The nurse wrapped my whole body with warm blankets. It was almost like getting a massage....very relaxing and peaceful! The whole little procedure lasted maybe 5 minutes, and then I was taken back to my room to lay for an hour. I'm sorry to all of my faithful followers, but I don't have an entertaining video to post today. The valium was definitely nothing compared to what I was on last week! :) I'm on bed rest for the next 2 days, and I'm definitely soaking it all up while I can.

And finally, here's a close up picture of the embryo. They explained that the darker three circles in the bottom part of the circle is the actual baby. How crazy is that?!