Friday, September 30, 2011

1/2 a year!

Well, here we go again...I haven't made a post since Cooper was 5 months old, and now he's a week and a half away from being 7 months old.  I guess it's still not too late to talk about my favorite 6 month old though. 

The 1/2 of a year mark started on September 10th with his 6 month photo shoot.  I must say it was by far the hardest month yet to take pictures of (and yes I know it will just get harder as the months go on).  He was constantly wanting to roll around, eat his hands and feet, look at things other than the camera, jump out of the chair, or pull off his sticker.  I definitely didn't get as many pictures as usual, but some of them still turned out pretty cute!

It's amazing to think how much Cooper has changed in the past month or two.  I feel like he's starting to change form a baby into a little boy.  If he's awake, the kid is constantly moving!  I mean he will roll across the room in a matter of seconds it seems like.  I have a feeling he'll be crawling before too long, and when he does, I think we'll be in trouble because he'll be into everything.  He is definitely sitting up on his own now, and he sometimes gets mad because he'd rather stand or jump.  Check out this video of him jumping last week.  The trim around our door facings are too wide, so the jumper only works down in our basement.  Please excuse Brad's burp in the middle of the video. :)

We still have the happiest baby ever I think.  He laughs and smiles at pretty much everything, and I just love listening to the sound of his laughter.  It's by far the best noise ever!

We took Cooper to the park the weekend before last and he just loved swinging!  Can't you tell....

We took Cooper to his 6 month check-up last Friday, and he got a great report as usual.  He weighs 18 pounds 5 ounces and is 26 3/4 inches long.  She said everything was great with him, and he's right on track where he needs to be, and it actually seems like he's doing things a little ahead of time.  The most exciting part of our trip to the doctor was that Cooper discovered the tissue paper type stuff, and he absolutely had the best time playing with it. After he would shred some of the paper, we would pull off more, and then that would be destroyed in just a minute or two.

Last weekend we got Cooper's 6 month pictures made, and they are by far my favorite pictures we've taken yet!  It was so much fun because Cooper was able to do so much more, and he has so much more personality than he did for his newborn or 3 month pictures.  It's hard to pick, but here are some of my favorites (including the family picture at the top of my blog)....

Cooper is going to be a little monkey for Halloween, and we got a little sneak peek of him in his costume.

Isn't he the cutest little monkey you've ever seen?

A few little facts about Cooper at 6 months:
  • He has been taking about 7 ounces of formula, but starting last week he stopped finishing most of his bottles.  Sometimes he'll leave just half an ounce, and other times he'll leave 2 ounces.  The pediatrician acted like this was normal since his body is starting to change and want solids more often.
  • He eats cereal mixed with fruit every morning, a fruit and vegetable during the day, and then another fruit and vegetable in the evening.  He LOVES every kind of food he's tried so far....even peas! He is in the Stage 2 foods.  I was trying to make the food for a while, but when I started back to work and my two Master's classes started it pretty much got impossible to add baby food making into the schedule too.  I am planning on making some more food though while I'm off for 2 weeks for Fall Break.
  • He wears mostly 6-9 month clothes and 12 month PJs.
  • He's still in size 3 diapers.
  • He still LOVES to be outside more than anything.  We've decided we're in trouble when it starts to get too cold to go outside all of the time.  We need to go ahead and stock up on warm clothes because I have a feeling we'll be bundling up to go outside a lot.
  • He is talking more than ever these days.  His favorite sayings are "Ga-Ga" and "Da-Da".  For a while he was saying "OL-GA" a lot, and we decided that must be his girlfriend.
We love our little guy more and more each day (if that's possible).  He is at such a fun age right now, and I would do anything to stop time for a while.  Cooper is spending his first two nights with my parents (last night and tonight) and we are definitely missing him!  Brad and I were watching videos of him earlier from when he was just 1 or 2 months old, and we don't even remember him being that small.  It's crazy how much time flies.  I can't wait to wake up tomorrow because our little man will be home! :)