Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 months

Last Tuesday our favorite little guy turned 10 months old.  It's amazing how much he continues to grow and change everyday.  It's also sad and scary to think that in 7 short weeks, our little boy will be a 1 year old toddler! 

Cooper has been using his walker he got for Christmas A LOT, and he's actually gotten really good at maneauvering it around the house.  He'll run into a wall or table, and then turn the walker around so he can get around whatever obstacle is in front of him.  He's been able to walk around the house by himself for a while.  He cruises around from room to room checking things out and seeing what he can get into.  We knew it was only a matter of time before he took a real step on his own, and that time came the Monday before last (March 9th).  He took a step when I got home, but when Brad got home he took about 4 steps.  Of course we weren't able to get a video of it, and he wouldn't do it again when we tried.  Since then he's taken a few more steps everyday.  His balance is still off and he would rather run than walk, so I'm sure it'll still be a little while before he's off and running on his own.  (Maybe I just keep telling myself that because I don't know if we're ready to have a "walker" in the house.)

We also noticed last night that Cooper has a new tooth that has popped through.  It's his other middle, bottom one.  That makes a total of 3 teeth, but I just know there are more that will soon follow.  Cooper also has his very first diaper rash.  Yes, I think it's weird that he's 10 months old and just now has a diaper rash, but the poop he's had the past few days has really been weird and nasty so we're blaming it on that.  He is also getting over an ear infection, and it may have something to do with the antibiotic he's been on since Monday when I took him to the doctor. 

Cooper is "talking" more than ever these days.  I'm pretty sure he says bye, ball, book (and knows what they mean), and he also says dada and mama.  I'm not sure that he knows what dada means yet, but he's gotten pretty good at mama (especially when he's whining).  :) 

I also think Cooper is ready to say goodbye to baby food completely and just eat adult food.  It's been more of a struggle to get him to eat his baby food because he'd much rather have something else.  I really don't blame him though.  Cooper loves to eat peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs (he had some with cheese this morning), bananas, nilla wafers, green beans, carrots, peas, pasta, vegetable soup, and pretty much anything else you're willing to offer him. 
Another new thing Cooper has done in the past couple of weeks is he's FINALLY started clapping!  I don't know how long we've tried to get him to do this, but one day he just decided he was ready to stop watching us do it and start doing it himself.  He also likes to play "patty cake" and he'll clap his hands if you start singing it.  JuJu, Pops, and Beck have taught him a little sign language at grandparent daycare.  He knows how to say "more" and does it ALL the time when he's eating.  It's so fun to see him communicate with us and we actually understand what he's saying!

We measured Cooper's weight and length right around the time he turned 10 months, and according to our measurements, he weighed 22.6 lbs. and is 30 1/2 in. long. 

A few more facts about 10 month old Cooper
  • Still loves books
  • Loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins
  • Loves to be chased
  • Wants to get his little hands on Bailey so bad
  • Loves looking at pictures around the house
  • Still the sweetest, cutest little boy we know

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